Why motivation is for laypeople

Oh motivation. It’s like a secret driver that allows you to get your work done, effortlessly bypass obstacles in your way, and make real progress no matter the task at hand.

And it’s probably a feeling familiar to everyone, providing the energy needed to put in the hard meters and keep going, checking off the to-do list and getting ever closer to the goals you set.

There’s also a good chance you’ve experienced that sluggish feeling that robs us of motivation — where the reasons for doing something just don’t seem enough and the rewards of hard work lie too far in the future.

That’s the thing about motivation, it can be fleeting and hard to sustain.

It can be an incredible catalyst when you have it, but it’s just too unpredictable to count on, especially in a career that spans years, not days or weeks.

Motivation is talked about a lot in the real estate industry, but it’s strictly reserved for amateurs. Why? Because motivation is not the solid foundation of a long and successful career.

Instead, the foundation for continued success lies in adopting the habits of professionalism, and professionals view motivation differently.

They understand that action is not a result of motivation; it is a function of responsibility, a function of character.

So how do you maintain the professionalism required for a successful real estate career?

A professional’s real estate definition

A real estate professional is a broker or property manager for all seasons.

They understand that the market will fluctuate, headlines will swing between boom and bust, but their core responsibility to their customers will never change.

They are committed to service and customer experience, knowing that real estate is always transacting and homes are always for rent.

The service and experience they provide ensures they are the professional that these customers turn to again and again.

A professional agent invests in first-class marketing. They build their brand, inform their market and share their insights and knowledge.

They invest in continuous learning. They learn from their mistakes, seek mentors and guidance, participate in ongoing training, and constantly hone their skills.

These are the professional fundamentals that a professional broker draws on every day to get the job done.

However, some days it feels easier to get the job done than others, and this is where a little inspiration might be needed.

A little inspiration

While motivation may be difficult to sustain, there are a number of strategies any real estate professional can employ to generate enthusiasm for the task at hand.

So when motivation is scarce and that sluggish feeling is creeping in, I would suggest the following:

  1. planning
    Every agent and property manager knows exactly what to do every day in terms of cost-productive tasks.

    Schedule these into your calendar as non-negotiable.

    That can mean blocking time looking for calls or setting a specific time frame for replying to emails. Whatever the task, set a time for it and dive in.

  2. gate reinforcement
    Goals are essential to build momentum. You can also help a real estate professional succeed in reverse engineering.

    But to work, they need to be front and center, which is why many of the top performers review their goals daily and reinforce them by setting goals and rewards.

    If you regularly review your goals, you keep the big picture in mind instead of getting lost in everyday life.

  3. Accountability buddies and mentors
    Real estate may be about the agent as an individual, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.

    To be accountable for your goals and the tasks that help you achieve them, work with an accountability buddy or mentor.

    If enthusiasm is lacking, these confidants can also help give you the perspective you need to get the job done.

  4. routine
    Every day in the real estate industry may be different, but often the routines you establish allow you to progressively achieve both your personal and professional goals.

    Create morning and evening routines that include the most important things you want to achieve, like fitness, education, and the non-negotiables mentioned earlier.

    Routines beg the questions, “Where do I start?” or ‘what should I do now?’ out of the equation.

    And if you’re looking for a great place to start, consider starting the day with the gym gear and ending it with tomorrow’s action list.

  5. Daily inspiration
    Sometimes all it takes is a little outside inspiration to recharge your batteries and see the big picture from a different perspective.

    Set aside 15 minutes each day for a little inspiration, whether it’s reading, a podcast, or a video.

Build the mindset

Real estate isn’t difficult, but it’s not easy either, and it’s a career that can be particularly challenging as you have to generate the product and then sell or rent it out to be successful.

But doing this professionally and consistently is routine, habit, and the motivation to implement it will only get you so far.

In other words, build the strength, mindset, and resilience of a pro. Leave the “motivation” to the amateurs.

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