Who plays Doug on Yellowstone?

Even “Yellowstone” haters could concede that it’s among the best-cast shows on television, with co-creators Taylor Sheridan and John Linson proving wiser than most when it comes to picking the right actor for supporting roles themselves . That’s true whether they’re hiring high-profile or previously unlisted talent, and the perfect cast of Michael Todd Behrens as Doug is the proof you need. We bet not many of you knew Behrens’ name before he starred as Doug in Yellowstone. In fact, Behrens is one of the many talented but relatively unknown actors that Sheridan and company brought on board the series.

Yellowstone wasn’t Michael Todd Behrens’ first cinematic rodeo, however, and the actor has had a colorful, if somewhat sporadic, career on the small screen. As for the “sporadic” part, Behrens has dedicated much of his professional life to the stage, which may explain some notable gaps in his film and television resume. The actor has appeared in several acclaimed productions over the years (via The Salt Lake City Tribune).

In terms of his screen career, Behren earned his first television appearance with a one-off appearance on the WB drama Everwood and appeared a year later in the direct-to-video sequel Urban Legends: Bloody Mary. Genre-lovers might also want to check out the “Yellowstone” star in 2011’s blissful B-movie-tinged Campfest “Orcs!” or 2014’s low-budget war film “Saints and Soldiers: The Void” (via IMDb) . .

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