US Department of Justice Tax Division Taps AWS to Build Remote Work Authorization App

Amazon Web Services provided support to the Department of Justice’s tax department develop an application in less than two months to streamline the process for employees seeking approval for their remote work requests and allow the DOJ to implement a hybrid work arrangement as part of its return-to-the-office policy.

The US Department of Justice Tax Development team tapped into AWS Professional Services and Favor TechConsulting, an AWS partner, to use tools to build an enterprise-level application AWS GovCloud (US)AWS said in a blog post published Friday.

Some of the tools the app uses are Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Cloud Development Kit, Amazon Elastic Container Service on AWS Fargate, Amazon EventBridge, AWS Lambda and Amazon API gateway.

Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed NoSQL database built to run high-performance apps, with automated multi-region replication, built-in security, in-memory caching, continuous backups, and data export and import tools.

Amazon ECS is a container orchestration service designed to help developers manage, deploy, and scale containerized applications.

The department unveiled the authorization app on April 1, and AWS said 40 percent of tax department employees used the app to seek approval for their remote work requests within five days of the tool’s launch.

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