This Plano agent ensures continued success in a new career

Jeffrey McKee: “I was always taught to buy low and sell high. You make your money by buying, not selling.”

By Rick Mauch
Candy’s Dirt Contributor

Jeffrey McKee is now self-developing to succeed in a real estate career.

“I’ve always seen myself as a salesman. I can remember Boy Scouts or team sports where we had popcorn or coupon books to sell and I loved it,” said McKee, 32.

A Plano native, he graduated from the University of North Texas in 2013 with a degree in Mechanical and Power Engineering. He worked in American society for seven years. He said he knew he wanted to work in sales but was told he didn’t have the experience. So he quit and gained experience his own way – through real estate. He sells through eXp Realty in Addison.

“I’ve been investing successfully in real estate since I was an engineer,” he said. “I already had the network of people, places and intellectuals to allow for a smooth and successful transition.”

McKee’s grandfather was a real estate investor in Omaha, Neb. His father found success in the stock market.

“I was always taught to buy low and sell high. You make your money by buying, not selling,” McKee said.

Follow the artists and streets

Heeding the “follow the artists” advice, he became interested in the “cool, up-and-coming” areas of Dallas like Bishop Arts, Trinity Groves, and Deep Ellum.

Jeffrey McKee

“I remain true to my love of the city, art, food and culture, but I’ve also diversified where I invest and where I sell,” he said. “I was also told to ‘follow the streets.’ I track all major infrastructure improvements throughout the North Texas region – road expansions, loops, bridges, lakes and water treatment plants. People want the fun of the city, but they also need the basics.”

McKee was an early adopter of advertising space for the newly completed 17,000 hectare Bois de Arc lake in Bonham.

McKee said his experience as an engineer would be invaluable to his new career.

“My favorite story I tell clients is the one my mother told when I told her I was quitting my engineering job. She said, ‘You’re giving up your engineering degree to sell houses?’ I told her, “I will be working with high profile investors and developers to apply my technical background on surveying, architectural plans, water and power easements, etc.

“It’s helpful to have worked in project management to understand the importance of processes, workflows and schedules.”

Last year, McKee completed his accredited luxury real estate specialist course at the Champions School of Real Estate.

Today’s Challenges

“There is and always will be a shortage of affordable housing in desirable areas,” McKee said. “I wake up every day and I ask myself who can I help who also wants to help themselves?”

McKee said he believes technology will always try to replace the human element. However, he believes that a truly talented salesman will always outperform a computer.

“We (live agents) understand the importance of geography, the systems of the house, but most importantly the emotions that go into the biggest purchase of most people’s lives,” he said.

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