The green transition is gaining momentum among companies and workers

Green jobs are becoming an important aspect of working life for both employers and their employees as they continue to support the greening of businesses.

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), businesses can help protect the environment and create a just transition based on equity and participation of all stakeholders.

ILOs Greening Enterprises: Transformation of processes and workplaces The report, which focuses specifically on companies’ green transition, found that more companies have taken action to reduce their carbon emissions in response to resource scarcity, the frequency of natural disasters and calls from consumers and customers to to act more proactively on climate issues.

Regulations on sustainable transportation and resource use in the workplace, green procurement laws, working time arrangements, remote working and a sustainable business model were the other factors driving corporate greening, the report found.

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Workers and employers also expressed a desire for green workplaces, which include sustainable transportation, resource-efficient consumption, waste management, organizational structure and sustainable food.

To promote good corporate environmental practices and achieve a just transition, the report recommended improving policy and regulatory frameworks and providing more clarity to the strategies of companies and other stakeholders. Other suggestions outlined in the report include helping managers and workers prepare for the impact on jobs, skills and wages; and combating gender segregation, including through skills development, so that women can benefit from green job creation.

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