The future of work (from home?)



A home office (PA Wire)

Staying at home and working from home became imperative during the pandemic. With the lifting of the blocking restrictions, the question arises for companies and employees what the future of work looks like and how we can prepare for it.

Many ex-office workers have become used to working from home, balancing Zoom calls and Slack messages from their study (if they’re lucky) or bedrooms.

As we report today, the government is considering legislative changes that could prevent employers from forcing employees to work from the office.

A standard right to work from home would be a major change in the status quo and would have a significant impact on urban life – and possibly the productivity of some businesses.

Centrally located businesses that rely on office workers to buy their goods and services will suffer. And many industries, from hospitality to construction, will largely not be able to offer workers such allowances.

The way companies attract top talent will also change. While high salaries and top offices have become tools for attracting the best people, working conditions and flexibility will now become more important.

Hybrid working is likely to remain for millions of people who have enjoyed the balance it can impart. But any significant changes in the way we work should be treated with caution, taking into account the type of inner cities we want in the future and the impact on the overall economy.

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