State Launches ‘IN Indiana’ Customizable Tourism Campaign – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana weather

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — State leaders said Wednesday they want everyone from big cities to small businesses to take advantage of variations on Indiana’s new tourism campaign.

Governor Eric Holcomb and Elaine Bedel, Chief Executive Officer of Indiana Destination Development Corp., unveiled the new “IN Indiana” advertising campaign during an event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Bedel said all tourism ads will follow the same basic theme, but different destinations can customize the ads to meet their specific needs. She said this year’s Indianapolis 500 theme, “Back Home Again,” is an example of something that could be incorporated into “IN Indiana” ads.

“It’s not a slogan. This is a very different type of ad campaign that we all need to be a part of, and we believe this is the type of ad campaign that will do that,” she said.

Visit Indy executive vice president of communications Chris Gahl told News 8 that state tourism officials began working on the campaign with regional colleagues like his organization a few months ago. He said Visit Indy already has IN Indiana ads ready to go and plans to roll them out over the next few weeks.

“We know that the majority of our city’s visitors are drawn to the capital, and we want them to explore not just the capital, but the entire state, and allow extra days to see Columbus and marvel at the dunes go by.” New Harmony to experience culture outside of the capital.”

Annual studies conducted by Indiana Destination Development Corp. show that Indiana’s tourism spending increased every year for the nine years leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic, peaking in 2019 at $13.7 billion. Temporary and part-time jobs. Visitor spending fell to $10.2 billion in 2020 and Indiana Destination Development Corp. does not yet have final figures for 2021.

Holcomb said IN Indiana is different from previous campaigns because it encourages small towns and businesses as well as large institutions to participate. He said Indiana Destination Development Corp. will work with anyone wishing to use IN Indiana materials to ensure all marketing efforts are consistent with the state’s overall goals.

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