Some high school students may earn a real estate license before graduation

Beaumont ISD High School students may soon earn their real estate license before graduation.

Through the district’s career and technical education program, juniors and seniors from Beaumont United and West Brook high schools have been able to graduate high school with a variety of career options of their choice beginning in the 2022-23 school year.

CTE’s BISD Director, Donna Prudhomme, said the real estate and marketing track was added to keep up with in-demand careers and student interests.

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“These students will have a great advantage as they launch their careers,” Prudhomme said in an email on Wednesday. “You can work full-time as a real estate agent right out of high school, or you can enroll in college and sell houses part-time.”

The program is online and self-paced – the first CTE study program under the BISD+ Flexible Learning Option Program – which means students can complete their classes from home.

Students learn the ins and outs of real estate and, if approved, have the opportunity to intern for up to three hours during their senior year with a licensed real estate agent or real estate or construction company.

Prudhomme said the program will be open to 50 students – 25 from Beaumont United and 25 from West Brook.

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“We’ve received a lot of interest in the real estate program,” she said.

Students are then eligible to sit the Texas Real Estate Exam.

Admission requirements for students are:

  • Must be at the appropriate grade level
  • Cannot be deficient in high school credits
  • Must have availability for a two to three credit internship course
  • Must have passed all coursework for the 2021-22 school year
  • The prerequisite is the successful completion of the Principles of Business, Marketing and Finance and/or Entrepreneurship I courses
  • Score at least 4000 points on your STAAR Algebra I exam with a passing grade of C or higher on the Algebra II course
  • Score at least 4000 points on your STAAR English II exam

“The real estate market is huge and (these students) will already be a step ahead,” Prudhomme said.

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