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Rep. Bob Good (left) and Dan Moy

Michael Martz reports that Rep. Bob GoodR-5th, tries to defend his place on Saturday from the challenger Dan Moy when up to 2,000 Republicans vote for their party’s congressional candidate at a convention at Hampden-Sydney College.

The sprawling borough, which includes all or part of 24 cities and counties, now includes 13,000 voters in Hanover County and all of Louisa, Powhatan, Goochland, Nottoway and Amelia counties.

Whatever your brothers are, it’s a clear choice. Good was the only member of Virginia’s congressional delegation to vote against the $40 billion aid package for Ukraine. He said that President Joe Biden “Deserves impeachment for willfully facilitating the invasion of America by illegal immigrants on our southern border.”

Moy, a former chair of the Charlottesville GOP committee, says Good was “one of the loudest voices in Washington, DC, but that loud voice serves neither the American people nor Republicans.”

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The winner meets the democrat Josh Thronburg in November.

The veteran analyst of the Charlottesville and Richmond Oracle Bob Holsworth Good will likely win the bid on Saturday, but Good’s backstory gives us good reason to be vigilant. Two years ago, Good was the intruder who ousted Rep. Denver Riggleman in a drive-through GOP convention. CONTINUE READING


Nominations for Congress: Also on Saturday, Republicans will select candidates who will oppose Rep. Jennifer WextonD-10. and Rep. Don BeyerD-8

redistribution: Dean Mirshahi by WRIC, Richmond’s ABC affiliate, reports this Paul Goldman will file next week to withdraw from his new district lawsuit after waiting 11 months without success. Goldman has sought to force new House elections this year, arguing that the 2021 election in the old counties violated constitutional guarantees of equal representation.

Stanley and Beagle (copy)

Senator Bill Stanley, R-Franklin County, holds a beagle at the state capitol. His family adopted two dogs bred in Cumberland County for experimentation.

Sent Image


Puppies at risk: Federal police confiscated 145 Beagles from Envigo and Chris Kavanaugh, US Attorney for the Western District of Virginia, urged a judge to crack down on the Cumberland Dog Mill. CONTINUE READING

Shapiro: The political columnist writes that Gov. Glenn youngkinThe three Rs are: reading, writing and running. CONTINUE READING

telework: Michael Martz reports that eight Democrats in the General Assembly, mostly from the Richmond area, want Youngkin to pause his new state telecommuting policy. CONTINUE READING

20160423_MET_REST_02 (copy)

In April 2016, Gov. Terry McAuliffe upheld the executive order he signed, granting offenders a blanket restoration of their rights. The state Supreme Court later overturned the order.



Reporters new to a beat quickly adapt to their editor’s quirks and pet quirks. As a politics editor, I’ve been known to send notes to our talented journalists along the lines of, “Passive is confusing. who is the actor?”

Which brings us to a press release that Gov. Glen Youngkin‘s administration mailed on Friday.

It began: “Governor Glenn Youngkin announced today that the civil rights of 3,496 Virginians have been restored.”

Note the passive. Have been restored.

It also states that the Secretary of the Commonwealth Kay Coles James coordinates restoration deliberations “in cooperation with the Department of Corrections, with thorough review by the Department of Elections, the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, and the Compensation Board.”

The governor issued a statement in the news release, saying, among other things, “I am encouraged that over 3,400 Virginians will take this crucial first step toward a vibrant future as citizens with full civil rights.”

OK, it is clear that restoring rights is a complicated process and requires teamwork. That didn’t stop the Govs. Bob McDonnell, Terry McAuliffe and Ralph Northam refrained from trumpeting their record-breaking efforts to restore voting rights to criminals who have served their sentences.

Perhaps Team Youngkin is using Passive here to share appreciation. Or maybe it’s trying to share responsibility.

In the news business, we call Friday “take out the trash day.” Poles who want to break news without drawing too much attention to it often wait until readers have turned off the weekend. The Youngkin release arrived at 4:32 a.m. Friday afternoon.

In April 2016, McAuliffe — who would lose to Youngkin in 2021 — stood at the Capitol’s south portico and announced that with the stroke of a pen — by signing an executive order — he had automatically restored the voting rights of nearly 206,000 felons.

The state Supreme Court said: Not so fast. It ruled that the pricks’ resurgence was unconstitutional — a governor must restore rights on a case-by-case basis, not in a blanket order.

But at least we knew who the actor was.

20210509_MET_EVERGREEN_BB05 (copy)

From left, J. Ron Fleming, Jr., Brian Palmer and Christine Wyatt were three of the people objecting to overgrown burial sites at East End Cemetery in Richmond on May 6, 2021.



• Chris Suarez reports that the executive director of the Enrichmond Foundation has left after years of turmoil over the management of historic black cemeteries. CONTINUE READING


20220520_MET_YOUNGKIN_AWE02 (copy)

Former Gov. Doug Wilder joined Gov. Glenn Youngkin at the Patrick Henry Building on Thursday. Youngkin discussed a report from his Department of Education that said Virginia is falling behind in K-12 performance and that COVID school closures were exacerbating the learning loss. Some Democrats accused the Youngkin team of data picking, but Wilder supported Youngkin’s efforts.



Which seat of the US House of Representatives in Virginia had the most sales this century?


“We stand on opposite ends of the Republican Party.”

– Representative Bob GoodR-5th, on his nominating contest with challenger Dan Moy


The Virginia Beach-based 2nd Circuit seat has had seven different representatives since the turn of the century: Democrat owen pickett, republican Ed Schrock, republican Thelma Drakedemocrat Glennyerepublican Scott Rigellrepublican Scott Taylor and Democrat Elaine Luria.

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