Post supports Marcia Andrews, School District 6

During her 45-year career in public education, Marcia Andrews has been there and done so more than any other student candidate running in the August 23 non-partisan Palm Beach County School District election.

The Post recommends voters return Andrews as the representative of the District 6 school board, which covers the West and Glades area of ​​the county, to lobby for students.

Andrews, 68, who grew up in Palm Beach County and attended county public schools, consistently received high marks as a teacher, vice principal, principal and district administrator. Her adult daughter is an experienced district school teacher. Her five grandchildren attended or graduated from county schools.

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A graphic shows the four Palm Beach County School Board districts up for election in 2022: District 3, District 4, District 6, and District 7.

Before his first election in 2010 and since, Andrews was omnipresent in the district. Her involvement in the community, including roles on countless local committees, is legendary.

Ensuring more school policing is among their priorities, as is expanding literacy and math programs and colleges.

“I don’t think the school district’s curriculum related to African American history and/or the Holocaust conflicts with the governor’s anti-woke law,” she says.

Most of their challengers seem eager to shake these and other cages in another invasion of society’s largely politically motivated culture wars, disguised as advocates for student and parent rights.

Neither real estate agent Jeff Browning, 66, whose main problem is merging the county school police force with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office; nor Jennifer Showalter, 47, a freelance graphic designer for whom “oversexualization” and political “indoctrination” of students are major concerns; Neither Amanda Silvestri, 37, a homemaker who keeps school library books in charge, have experience working in public education, nor have they volunteered on district education committees.

She and Lake Worth High School teacher V. Deanne Ewers, 53, who is also running, have no experience managing multibillion-dollar budgets.

As The Post recently reported, Showalter and Silvestri fought at a gun show and delivered a sickening message to students that undermines any pretense of genuine concern for school safety.

People running for school board should do more to educate themselves about how a major school district is run. “Start by learning what’s going on,” as Andrews said. “I know public education.”

She proved that. With the challenges of the pandemic and school safety, Andrews is best qualified to bring the breadth of experience, balanced perspective, and stability that the district board needs.

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