PCPS Wildcat of Week #19 is Hunter Irons

The Heather Cannon Wildcat of the Week #19 for the 2021-2022 school year was presented Po-Hi Senior Hunter Irons.

Superintendent Shelley Arrott said: “Hunter Irons is the perfect example of what it means to be a wildcat. In addition to his regular class schedule, Hunter plays college basketball, is a DECA officer, participates in student internship at his church, Central Baptist Church, and works part-time. His teachers all know that he is diligent, committed to doing his best in his studies, always has a positive attitude, is always polite and friendly, and is a great student leader who is admired not only by his peers but by his own teachers are respected too.”

“Hunter, I am proud of your dedication to your studies and activities and the attributes of the Wildcat Way that you display. However, Mrs. Monks said something about you that I had never heard from a teacher regarding the wildcat of the way, and it literally gave me goosebumps. She boasted about how you exemplify the things a wildcat stands for, BUT she said your core focus is your values ​​and your morals. I respect all of your positive qualities, but I love that you strive to live a life of high moral standards. Someone with a strong moral code is willing to take responsibility for their actions and make changes when necessary. This is a very mature standard to live by and I know you will live with integrity, which means putting your values ​​into action.”

“Another level of maturity I see in you is that you are very responsible. I know you are responsible with your studies, but you are also very responsible when it comes to supporting the things you do with your own money. You work part-time for Mrs. Monk’s family’s lawn care service to buy your own gas, pay for your car insurance, eat out, and do other things you need and want to do. The financial responsibilities you have as a student will develop the skills necessary to be a good manager of your own funds as an adult. You recently experienced a setback that left you without a vehicle to get around. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, try to get odd jobs out there to help you get into another vehicle. I am so impressed by your diligence and perseverance. Setbacks make us stronger and more responsible, and as expected, you handle that setback with dignity and grace. My first thought was that I wish I had an extra vehicle that you could use while you get back on your feet, but I know how you handle this situation will teach you valuable life lessons. Life isn’t easy, but with a strong work ethic, perseverance, and strong values ​​and morals, you can overcome any obstacle!” #pcpsishiringasummerpaintcrew

“I know you are very involved in your church, Central Baptist, and you plan to attend Heartland Bible College to become a youth minister. You will be an amazing youth minister who will impact so many young lives by leading others to live by high standards, values ​​and morals. I hope you return to your hometown of Ponca City in your youth ministry career! However, I am sure that your recruitment would be high and any church would be fortunate if you changed the lives of youth groups!”

“We all admire and respect people of high morals, values ​​and integrity. They are true role models and inspire us anew every day. I want you to know that your family, church family, school family and community are so proud of your moral compass. Thank you for being a wonderful model for all the wildcats to come!”

#JustOneMoreThing: “I forgot to say this in front of your class, but I will never forget the last home basketball game at Robson’s this year. You were in the game and shot straight at the buzzer! The Robson Rowdies were raging, and so were the rest of us you know! It was obvious that you are so respected and respected! Hard work and dedication definitely pay off!

The Wildcat of the Week award is sponsored by Heather Cannon Honda. The award is for a deserving high school student who follows the traits of the Wildcat Way, namely work ethic, improvement, leadership, discipline, competition, attitude and teamwork. These qualities can be displayed in any setting and are open to all Ponca City High School students.

Several Ponca City patrons are involved in making the Wildcat of the Week a reality. These partners include: Tina Christian, Senator Bill Coleman – TEAM Radio, Heather Cannon – Heather Cannon Honda, Danny’s BBQ Head Quarters and Tyndall Dentistry.

A new “wildcat of the week” is chosen every week from the nominations of TEAM Radio listeners and viewers. Winners will receive a complimentary BBQ sandwich menu from Danny’s BBQ Head Quarters and a Boss Custom Tees t-shirt. PCPS will be doing the presentation weekly at Po-Hi. If you know an outstanding student at Po-Hi who is living the Wildcat Way, please use the form in one of these links https://www.poncacitynow.com/32875-2/ or visit www.PoncaCityNow.com, www .PoHiSports.com or www.pcps.us.

Shown front: Shelley Arrott (PCPS Superintendent), Hunter Irons (Wildcat of the Week #19) and Heather Monks (PCPS DECA Advisor)

Can be a picture of 3 people and text that says WILDCAT OF THE WEEK Po-Hi Senior Hunter Irons.

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