P3 converts barracks into a green data center campus in Hanau

The new facility, called P3 Datacenter Hanau, sits on a 250,000m² site that is built and operated sustainably and powered by 100% green energy.

The campus is to be built in phases with at least eight data center modules on a building area of ​​around 200,000 m² over a period of ten years. In addition, as a brownfield development, P3 will decontaminate the Großauheim barracks site, carry out demolition, recycle the existing building stock and reuse the materials for ground work.

“The e-commerce boom and increasing teleworking are making it ever clearer how important data centers are for all of us,” says Sönke Kewitz, Managing Director of P3 Logistic Parks Germany.

“Without them, progressive digitization is not possible and the need to meet this need with a green alternative is enormous. We are pleased to be able to develop this future-proof solution, the P3 Datacenter Hanau, in close cooperation with the city.”

From the moment the first module is commissioned, the campus will have an output of 180 MW with electricity from renewable energy sources. At the same time, energy efficiency and the offsetting and reduction of CO2 emissions will be at the heart of operations, with data shared annually with the City of Hanau and resources monitored via an energy management system.

In addition, the local flora and fauna is protected, with P3 implementing a number of species protection measures. This includes setting up compensation areas and relocating animals in need of protection. P3 also creates suitable habitats such as swift towers and bat roosts and greens the project area.

“Our project in Hanau will be one of the largest data center campuses in Europe. The exciting question we asked ourselves is: How can we reconcile a large data center with the challenges of climate change? I am particularly proud that we have found a forward-looking solution in cooperation with the city of Hanau,” adds Semir Selcukoglu, Head of Data Center P3 Logistic Parks.

“I am very excited to develop this 35 football field sized project that will be powered by 100% green electricity. In addition, the project will not have any negative effects on the area balance of the Rhine-Main area, since it is an already sealed area that was formerly used for military purposes.”

There are also plans to build a combined heat and power plant on the campus from the Hanau GmbH & Co. KG power plant. A substation will also be built on the project site by the local grid operator, Hanau Netz GmbH.

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