Outsource Fiji launches four-year plan – FBC News

The Outsource Fiji today unveiled the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan and an Infrastructure Standards Document for the industry that will guide them for the next four years.

Business Process Outsourcing Council of Fiji President James Mastapha says Outsource Fiji’s rigorous marketing and promotional activities on the international platform are now attracting numerous investors and clients.

He says they have started looking at Fiji as a unique outsourcing destination.

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Before the pandemic in 2019, 3000 people were employed in the outsourcing industry and two years later the number has risen to 8000.

According to Mastapha, this shows how much the industry has grown in two years and how much potential it holds for sustained growth.

With a unique value proposition, including its people, and with a growing reputation as a general business market, risk-spreading location, more and more investors and clients are looking to Fiji as a preferred business destination.”

According to Mastapha, the Strategic Plan 2021-2025 is a remarkable achievement and provides a snapshot of the actions they will take to ensure they have focused strategies for the necessary actions needed to build a sustainable industry.

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