More than 300 Virginia state employees are quitting as telecommuting options end

More than 300 Virginia state employees have resigned from their positions after Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s return-to-office plan was announced in early May.

Data on the now-ex-employees comes from five government agencies, according to recording requests filed by WRIC-TV, ABC’s Richmond-area affiliate.

The Virginia Department of Transportation lost 183 employees, the station reported. The Virginia Department of Health had 78 resignations and the Virginia Electric Commission had 37 between early May and late June.

Other figures provided to WRIC by the state included seven resignations from the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development and six resignations from the Virginia Department of Emergency Management.

While 29 of the VDOT employees who left VDOT cited “teleworking” as the reason for leaving, some gave other reasons including “better job” or “dissatisfaction” or “homework,” the channel reported.

According to WRIC, the state’s Department of Human Resource Management has over 57,000 employees who are considered “classified” and over 36,000 who are not eligible for telecommuting, including police officers, correctional officers and healthcare workers.

Governor Youngkin announced his return to office on May 5, with a target date for all workers to return by July 5.

Government employees who applied to retain telework had to go through a three-tier approval system. For those looking for one day a week, they had to get approval from their manager. Those who wanted two days a week had to get approval from their department’s cabinet secretary. For three or more days, the governor’s chief of staff had to approve it.

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