Man hacking cheap touch faucets to work with his smart home devices

Anything is possible these days, especially with a smartphone and a watch. Apparently, as a techie, you could hack any system, whether it’s a Ring camera or a touch sink.

Do not believe me? Keep scrolling.

Tech Wizard Brett (@b_turner50) shares in his video how he hacked his AliExpress Touch Sink to connect it to his smart home.


Pretty cool idea! Especially when your hands are full or dirty.

If you’re not a tech wizard I don’t blame you, it seems a little complex. You can certainly hire someone to connect or watch your automatic sink to your smart home if you want to experience the same hands-free luxury.

However, if you like the challenge of experimenting with tech-related puzzles, this would be a great way to get started. The first step is to remove the small box that houses the electronic device, rewire it and add another device connected to the smart home. The touch sensor is also added back, allowing both devices to work independently. Since they both work on WiFi, the new device must also be added to WiFi so that it can appear as a faucet on the smart home screen and work in combination with Siri or Alexa – whichever system you have.

And as you can see, it works – although there’s a slight delay as it tells Siri what to do. And if he ever ran into trouble with the install, I’m sure he could fix that too, or Siri could.

TikTok also loved this hack according to the comments. A TikToker posted,

“Hey bro, can I have some water?”

“Nah, brother, WiFi is off.”

That’s certainly not a problem, Bret just has to use his hands.

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