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Jimmy Goldstein is an NBA superfan and $350 million real estate mogul from the United States. He became known for the extravagant and colorful outfits he wore to many NBA games. He also owns the Sheats Goldstein residence in Los Angeles, which has been featured in a number of films, television series and photo shoots. The house is best known for its appearance in the film “The Big Lebowski”.

Early life

James F. Goldstein was born on January 5, 1940 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Zahn’s, his father’s department store in Racine, was his father’s business. He attended Stanford University and then UCLA for his MBA.

James F Goldstein Wiki Biography

James Goldstein was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but his exact date of birth is unknown in the media. He’s a real estate developer, but he’s best known for spending rather than making money. He is an avid NBA fan, attending more than 100 games per season, mostly supporting the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers, but also the Dallas Mavericks and the Memphis Grizzlies.

Ever wondered what Jimmy Goldstein’s net worth was at the end of 2016? According to credible sources, Jimmy Goldstein’s net worth is said to be as high as $350 million. Jimmy’s net worth has grown from his involvement in the fashion industry designing outfits for women.

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What is Jimmy Goldstein Net Worth?

Jimmy Goldstein is a $350 million real estate entrepreneur and NBA enthusiast from the United States. He became known for his bright and outlandish attire when attending NBA games.

He also owns the Sheats-Goldstein residence in Los Angeles and has appeared in several films, television shows and photo shoots. The house is best known for its appearance in The Big Lebowski.

early career

James Goldstein Net Worth

Jimmy joined Rammco Investment Corporation after graduating from UCLA in 1964. In the late 1960s, Rammco made a fortune buying cheap farmland on the outskirts of Los Angeles and converting it into residential neighborhoods. Jimmy’s mission was to locate potential acquisition targets in Riverside and San Bernardino.


Jimmy Goldstein is a well-known jazz pianist. Owned by wealthiest family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. He received his education in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Nicolet High School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is his alma mater. After graduating from high school, he attended Stanford University in California.

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family and relationship

Jimmy Goldstein comes from a Jewish family who settled in the United States. Nanette Games Goldstein is his mother’s name. C. Ellis Goldstein is his mother’s name. There is no information about his siblings.

James Goldstein Net Worth

Jimmy Goldstein’s marital status is Single. In 2014 he was dating Anna Sergeevna, a Russian model. They broke up after a while and he was now single.

NBA games

Goldstein is known for regularly attending NBA games, where he can be spotted wearing flashy clothes on the hottest pitches. He typically attends over 100 games per season, both in his native state of California and in the United States. He is usually spotted on the sidelines in crazy attire.

Jimmy reportedly spends over $500,000 a year on sports tickets and travel to events. He’s got season tickets for the LA Lakers and the LA Clippers on the floor.

It was through this work that Jimmy was introduced to the surprisingly lucrative world of trailer park ownership. Jimmy started his own real estate investment company in the early 1980s and began collecting buildings.

He is said to own at least a dozen trailer parks in Northern and Southern California, which he uses as a primary source of income. For example, in 2007 he paid $23 million for an RV park in Carson, California, using $18 million in financing.

James Goldstein Net Worth

Jimmy’s management style has sparked debate at some of these RV parks. Rent control is common at RV parks, but Jimmy has constantly struggled to increase his rent.

He’s won lawsuits against cities that tried to stop him from raising his rent. He also made waves by enforcing an 1893 law allowing landowners to divide their land into independent communes. Jimmy used this tactic to force his tenants to either buy their homes from him or move out, which allowed him to raise rents.

In several interviews, Jimmy has hinted that he has sold the lot under the sprawling Century City shopping center, although this has not yet been confirmed. “Fashion, architecture, basketball” is written on Jimmy’s business card.

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