Historical Increase in Salaries of Employees Employed by Outsourcing in the Municipality.abg – News18 Gujarati News WAALI

Historical increase in salaries of outsourced community workers.abg – News18 Gujarati

Abhishek Barad, Gandhinagar: Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation made a big decision ahead of Diwali. Salaries of outsourced community workers have historically increased.

For the first time, Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation has increased the salary of outsourcing workers from Rs. 4000 to Rs. 9000. A cheerful atmosphere is noticeable among the employees. Mayor of Gandhinagar Mr. Hiteshbhai Makwana, Day. Due to the strong willpower of Mayor Shri Premalsinh Gol and Standing Committee Chairman Shri Jashwantbhai Patel, Municipal Corporation outsourcing staff have received a great gift. A total of 492 employees will benefit from this salary increase.

City Planner 35000 35000
eighty engineer 21000 31340
Technical Assistant 17000 21000
Tax Inspector 20000 31340
Additional Engineer 20000 31340
JCB and Loader Operator 16000 19950
Excavator Op. 18000 19950
Principal 20000 25000
Sanitary Sub-Inspector 18500 23000
Planning Assistant 20000 31340
eighty hardware and network engineer 18500 23000
Sub-accountant 18500 23000
Sr. Clerk 17000 21000
Surveyor 17000 21000

This increase will add 20 lakh rupees per month to the community burden. The proposal for the salary increase was approved by the Standing Committee. After that, the salary of the outsourcing employee will be changed accordingly.

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