Fines of up to one million euros for non-compliance with the Telework Act: These sanctions will follow from today



In early July, here in our nation, the 10/2021 legislation or teleworking legislation came into force, which was negotiated between the government and social actors after the alternative behavior in paintings due to the pandemic printed the obsolescence of article 13 of the staff statute.

However, a small part of the ordinance did not come into force that day according to the usual newsletter within the BOE, however, the general provision 1ª.2, the regulates the sanctions regime of the brand new regulation.

Companies can now be sanctioned

Thus it is already absolutely implemented in anyone who has relationships that could often develop remotely; This means that with a reference period of three months, no less than 30% of the current working day could be performed outdoors at the workplace (or a similar proportional share based on the term of the employment contract).

This is to be mentioned It affects all jobs (in the non-public sector) that paint remotely several or more days a week. Since 30% of a typical work day is one and a part of the work day, companies can move on to an unmarried day of teleworking without meeting the requirements of the regulation.

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In cases where the minimum 30% is reached, companies should negotiate, draft and signal your “teleworking agreement” together with your employees creating the conditions for distant paintings before the professional starts teleworking.

Under these conditions, for example, the following must be specified:

  • The stock of Media, devices and equipment that requires the improvement of teleworking.

  • Enumeration of Bills that the teleworker might incur and the way in which you can be compensated.

  • Keep an eye on operating times, availability regulations and operating mode the task.

  • Procedure for practicing with technical difficulties save yourself the trouble of enhancing distant paintings.

  • Distribution of hours between remote and face-to-face images, and paintings in the center of the place where the latter might be performed.

  • Directions by the company Security of ideas.

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Effective prices depending on the severity and class

Therefore, the sanctions may be appropriate if these or other necessities negotiated between the company and employees are violated. Violations of the aforementioned regulation, Together with their severity, they are divided into two thematic classes; each element will resolve its set:

  • Violations by hardworking family members: Minor violations can result in fines of between 70 and 750 euros; the intensive ones between € 751 and € 7,500; while the very heavy ones can be fined between € 7,501 and € 225,018.

  • Violations related to the prevention of occupational hazards: Minor violations can result in fines between 45 and a few 450 euros; the intensive ones between € 2,451 and € 49,180; while the very heavy can be fined between € 49,181 and € 983,736.

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