Ex-rowdie scores as a real estate agent

St. Petersburg, Fla. — For Zach Steinberger, there is nothing better than being a professional soccer player.

“Playing football for a living cannot be compared to anything else,” said Steinberger. “It was a dream. I’ve dreamed of this since I was a little kid, so to be able to do it professionally for as long as I have was a dream come true.”

The former Tampa Bay Rowdies midfielder lived his dream for seven years before hanging up his cleats in February and embarking on a new career that allows him to scratch that competitive itch; property.

“I think what I miss most about football is the daily competitions, so real estate gives me a little bit of that. Maybe not quite as much as the physical competition side, but definitely trying to do business, do business, negotiate on behalf of customers.”

Zach received his license to practice real estate in Florida a few months after signing with the Rowdies in 2019. Shortly after announcing his retirement from football, he joined a real estate agent called Compass, making the transition from professional athlete to full-time real estate agent.

“The beginning is the hardest because you don’t have experience, but people have to trust you to advise them. It is the biggest decision you will make in your life.”

Similar to his pro football career, Zach’s real estate career focuses on being the best. He’s sold more than 50 homes in the last three years and his tireless work ethic is beginning to pay off in big ways. The 30-year-old recently landed the biggest listing of his career.

“So I’ve worked really hard while building my business while playing for the Rowdies and this is my first listing of over $2 million so really exciting.

Aside from fueling his competitive side, Zach says the satisfaction he feels after helping someone buy or sell a home is similar to that he gets from making a grand entrance on the court .

“In football you train so hard to try to score, get an assist, win a game and there’s a familiar feeling about giving a family a home, especially in this market where everything is a bidding war is, highest investment until Sunday . When you finally win one of those bidding wars for your clients and make that call and they’re so over the moon, it’s such a fulfilling feeling.”

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