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Amid accelerated customer investment and escalating talent shortages, the ecosystem has arrived at a crossroads of contradictions, reinforcing the need to “stop, stop and listen carefully.”

Increased deals on the left but decreasing capabilities on the right, the channel is stuck in the middle of a market that juggles opportunities and challenges alike.

As a leader, the tempting response is to react at lightning speed, directing and initiating action to capitalize on end-user demand while alleviating rising concerns about the world of work. But maybe somewhere in the noise lies the success in silence.

“Effective communication isn’t just about how eloquently and persuasively you speak, but how consciously, deliberately, and skillfully you listen to your employees, customers, and markets,” he advised Oscar TrimboliAuthor and host of Apple’s award-winning podcast deep listening.

The value of creating impact beyond words is revealed on EDGE 2022with Trimboli to outline the science behind executive-level listening, supported by direct examples of practical application to support improved communication with employees, customers and partners.

“Communication isn’t just about what you say, it’s 50 percent talking and 50 percent listening,” said Trimboli. “Most effective communication programs focus on speaking with influence and driving change by setting a compelling vision, but over 93 percent of change initiatives fail. One ingredient is missing – leaders who listen.”

According to Trimboli, only 2 percent of CEOs have ever received listening training. Yet leaders typically spend 64 to 83 percent of the day listening.

“The higher your position, the more critically you listen to your career progress,” Trimboli added. “If communication is 50 percent speaking and 50 percent listening, why is listening never taught in leadership training programs?

“It’s like teaching a leader to walk with only his right leg. It’s unbalanced and exhausting to go around in circles frustrated because you haven’t made any progress.”

use deep listening Research will equip Trimboli partners, providers and distributors with the tools for ongoing and sustainable hearing success EDGE 2022an approach that can be replicated in teams across the organization.

deep listening helps increase profitability by minimizing duplicate costs and efforts caused by confusion and conflict,” noted Trimboli.

“Drastically reduce project costs by asking the right questions upfront, and attract and retain employees by listening to what they have to say and what’s left unsaid. In addition, we stay ahead of the competition by better serving our customers and mitigating negative media publicity.”

At the core of deep listening is the concept of Five Levels of Listeningspanning Yourself; contents; context; Unsaid and meaning.

“These five levels describe the hierarchy of listening,” Trimboli said. “Each level is fundamental. You must master the previous level in order to progress to the next level effectively.”

Intelligent Skills

Trimboli’s findings fit into the overall editorial theme of EDGE 2022which focuses on Abilities: sharp, strategic and intelligent.

With the market locked in a stalled battle for talent – a battle where employees rule and salaries dictate the balance – a pragmatic approach to skills is required.

Impossible to win the talent war, time to focus on the more realistic battles and build skills aligned around three core goals – Sharp, strategic and Clever.

As new technologies sweep the industry at a rapid pace, partners must prioritize solutions that align with internal capacity and end-user demand, while exploring viable outsourcing strategies and practical methods to scale. However, this can only be achieved through a commitment to individual leadership development, equipped with the modern attributes to fuel growth.

On the one hand, this is a market that is bursting at the seams with new technology projects and increased outsourcing demand. On the other hand, it remains woefully underfunded and unable to capitalize.

EDGE 2022 will bypass the predictable talent rhetoric and focus on solving the most crippling skill challenges facing the tech ecosystem – turning questions into answers and ideas into game plans.

In particular, Trimboli is geared towards this Intelligent Skills.

Clever in terms of leadership development at an individual level, improving leadership engagement with employees and customers in line with company goals.

  • How to present yourself better to employees and customers
  • Business coaching combined with individual management development
  • Top skills and traits of successful leaders post-pandemic

more generally, EDGE 2022 will be held in Australia and New Zealand (A/NZ) as the leading technology outsourcing conference for executives and will be built on the foundations of collaboration, education and progress.

presence at EDGE 2022 is invitation-only and limited to 380 decision-makers shaping the technology outsourcing landscape on both sides of the Tasman Peninsula. Such a high attendance is the catalyst for a four-day destination event designed to provide executive-level business coaching and cater to seasoned executives to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Plans are currently underway to create an editorial narrative around the topic Abilities: sharp, strategic and intelligent – Step-by-step guidance on pragmatic and realistic ways to tackle ongoing resource issues. This is substantiated by EDGE researchwith in-depth end-user and partner analytics across A/NZ uniquely delivered in partnership with Tech Research Asia.

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