Dicma continues to scale its digital transformation

In order to curb the spread of Covid-19, the head of state had already announced strong measures the previous week. He had invited the French ” unite “to adopt a big one” individual and collective discipline “. He had asked the French to limit their movements. to the absolutely necessary “. Above all, he called on companies to do so intensify ” the use of teleworking.

In this regard, the day after the Head of State’s speech, all Dicma employees met to decide on the actions to be taken the best organization to implement.

This is like ” epidemic ” Teleworking was introduced for all employees whose physical presence was not mandatory.

Nobody was prepared for such a situation. After a few days of trial and error, all employees quickly picked up steam and organized to produce the same work remotely as in the office.

The support and commitment of all employees was a key element in the success of teleworking at Dicma. But without them, this success would not have been possible right equipment. Each employee was provided with a laptop PC for those who did not have one. Dicma was already equipped with IP telephony. So it wasn’t complicated to provide everyone with a virtual phone on their PC.

Intuition? premonition? The company had equipped itself with the a few months earlier 100% collaborative management tool Inkwo . A real ERP, this tool allows us to manage our customer relationships, our projects, our stocks, our tickets, our invoicing, etc. at all times. Everyone knows the progress of each action.

Despite the circumstances we faced, there was never a break in the continuity of our services.

After sending out a questionnaire to each employee to find out how the 15 months of teleworking were experienced, whether teleworking wanted to continue, why and if so, on how many days a week and on which days, 100% of the Dicma teams have had very good experiences with telework and wanted to keep it in part! Among the justifications: convenience combined with the elimination of transport (saving time and money), greater concentration, better time management and better responsiveness for everyone thanks to our collaborative tools.

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“Since August 20, 2021, all Dicma employees enjoy teleworking on Mondays and Fridays.”

Accelerated and amplified digital transformation

It is undeniable that the pandemic has changed the way we work and consume. Everyone feels the desire for immediacy and autonomy. We also maintain an ever stronger connection to digital tools. At the same time, human support remains essential Digital perceived as a benefactor and not the other way around. Then we speak of phygital an ecosystem at the crossroads between the physically world and the digital world.

“For Dicma, digital tools are ways to keep its employees and customers more and more satisfied.”

In this context, Dicma wanted to continue its digitization by launching a Online shop that brings together almost all of its products.

Our boutique.dicma online Load offers the largest selection in terms of equipment, accessories, solutions and dictation and speech recognition and services on French territory, available with a simple click and at the best price.

We wanted a clean design, easy search by product or product type, and an intuitive and simple customer journey. We hope you have as much fun browsing our online store as we had working on this project.

And, of course, our consultants are more than ever available to answer questions.

The digital adventure continues at Dicma…

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