Chip LaMarca wins money race and turns on spending June for re-election

representative Chip LaMarcas June’s fundraiser was his biggest since April, while his June spending shows he’s turning on the spigots – he spent more last month than any other this election cycle.

The Lighthouse Point businessman, the only Republican legislature whose district is entirely in blue Broward County, raised a total of $49,000 in June, mostly through real estate interests. And he spent $18,211 last month — more than double the spend of his previous highest-spending month when he cashed out $8,118 in November.

Campaign documents also show his repeated general election rival, the Democrats. Linda Thompson GonzalezShe ramps up her campaign. She raised more than $13,000, the most since she announced her candidacy for House District 100. She also spent more in June than any month since announcing her candidacy in March, spending nearly $15,000.

Still, LaMarca’s campaign fund dwarfs that of Thompson Gonzalez. Between his personal account and his political committee, Citizens help to improve politicsThe two-year MP has $371,322 to defend her seat, compared to the $11,212 Thompson Gonzalez has in her campaign account, including a $5,000 loan she took out for her campaign.

Campaign reports show that LaMarca’s biggest boost came from the real estate sector, with developers and builders collectively donating $29,100 to help LaMarca defend its seat. Hudson Capital Group, a Fort Lauderdale real estate developer, presented LaMarca with a $25,000 donation, his biggest check of the month.

Attorneys and law firms accounted for his second-largest grading of his donors at $5,000. Political committees, ranging from AT&T to the police union, contributed a total of $5,000.

His largest checks went to the CSC Group of Pompano Beach, paying $12,200 for research, consulting, and fundraising. LaMarca’s campaign also paid $5,840 to Your Sign Guy FL LLC of Boca Raton for yard signs and flags. Blake MacDiarmid of Miami Beach also received $3,500 for campaign consulting for LaMarca.

LaMarca also donated $1,000 to Monica Coluccis campaign for Miami-Dade County School Board.

Meanwhile, Thompson Gonzalez’s donor list shows she’s running a grassroots campaign. Of the 105 donations made to her campaign in June, only two reached the $1,000 maximum and only one was to a political committee. Plantation-based Green Florida PAC donated $1,000.

The biggest checks went to two people, Alfredo Olvera from Fort Lauderdale and Emma Elizabeth Collum of Fort Lauderdale, who received $4,200 each for campaign services and campaign management.

LaMarca beat Thompson Gonzalez by 10 points in the 2020 contest, and the redistribution of districts only slightly shifted the district’s boundaries. But LaMarca could have a new flank to attack in blue county.

He voted for a law (HB5) Bans abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Now, Thompson Gonzalez, who has retired from a decade-long federal service career, has won endorsement from Ruth’s List Floridadedicated to electing democratic women who support abortion rights.

The district, which stretches roughly from Port Everglades to the Palm Beach County border, was called House District 93 but has now been renumbered HD 100. The chosen district Joe Biden by less than one percentage point in 2020 Matt Isbell from MCI cards.

This week, the campaign faced a June 30 deadline for reporting all of the campaign’s financial activities.

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