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Spotlight for Oakhurst Chamber of Commerce business

MADERA COUNTY MINING COMPANIES—Matt Henderson is our newest Oakhurst Region Chamber of Commerce member and we are so glad he is joining us. I asked him a few questions, and here’s what he said:

My wife Donna and I moved to the North Fork from Fullerton in 2015. Both of our kids went to college and lived their own lives, and we decided to move permanently to our home in the mountains. We love it up here in the Oakhurst area and have never looked back.

Photo courtesy of Matt Henderson

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How long have you been working in the real estate sector (sales)? I’ve been a licensed agent for 18 years. I’m from Orange County and have worked in Fullerton as both a real estate agent and a home inspector. I’ve been making home visits for 21 years.

Do you still do house searches? Yes! While I have built a real estate career here in the foothills, I will continue to provide inspection services until around next summer.

What are your specialties? I specialize in mountain real estate and find second homes for those who want to enjoy our mountain life more. Also for our local homeowners looking to expand or downsize in the area.

Why did you choose London Properties as your ‘home base’? I have friends at every real estate agency in this area and could easily see myself working at any of them. I chose London Properties because of their reputation for customer care and their professional approach to the property industry.

What areas do you cover? I serve areas from Yosemite to Fresno and from Auberry to Mariposa. I live in the North Fork so this is my home and I enjoy working here.

I am excited to join the Oakhurst Chamber of Commerce to contribute more to this community. I am also pleased to participate in several service groups in the North Fork area.

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