Berks real estate agent who represents Berks, Schuylkill in the house

Jill Saunders is fed up with career politicians who don’t provide the initiative for change.

She’s fed up with elected officials who care more about staying in power than solving problems. She has stopped arguing that partisan differences are more important than the real needs of the American people.

“They come into office and do nothing while collecting a fat paycheck,” said the Hamburger. “That’s true of most elected officials, especially Republicans. They don’t assert themselves. They don’t stand on conservative issues. They stand for nothing.”

Saunders believes a change in Harrisburg is long overdue. And she thinks she can be someone to help spur it on.

“I’m a conservative outsider,” she said. “I will be someone who asserts himself and does not fall into the swamp.”

Because of this, she decided to run for the Republican nomination to represent the people of the 124th House District, which includes portions of northern Berks and eastern Schuylkill counties. The post was filled by Jerry Knowles, who announced that he would be retiring at the end of the year after six terms in office.

Saunders said her experience as a real estate agent in Berks and Schuylkill counties opened her eyes to some of the most serious issues facing the people of Pennsylvania.

“As a realtor, I’ve seen many of the hurdles people face to become homeowners these days with rising property taxes and rising energy prices,” she said. “These are very big problems that we have to solve.”

Because of this, abolishing the property tax would be one of her top priorities if elected. She said high property taxes are the biggest obstacle to home acquisition, especially for first-time owners.

“When property taxes are 30% of the monthly mortgage payment, many young people no longer qualify for a loan,” she said. “Seniors make up 40% of the mortgage market. While the principal and interest remain the same on a 30-year mortgage, property taxes continue to rise, forcing those with steady incomes out of their homes.”

And there are other issues she wants to address.

Saunders said she wants to restore the integrity of the voting system by repealing the law that expands postal voting and requires people to identify themselves to vote. She wants to give parents the opportunity to send their children to any school of their choice without having to pay the penalty of paying school taxes and tuition.

She also wants to ban abortion and protect the Second Amendment.

Saunders joins Windsor Township resident Elle Rulavage and Schuylkill County businessman Jamie Barton to represent the Republican nomination for the 124th District in the May 17 primary. Tina Burns, a Schuylkill County health advisor, is running unopposed for the Democratic nomination in the upcoming election.

State officials serve two-year terms and are paid an annual salary of $95,432.

Get to know the candidate

Candidate: Jill Saunders, 31, Hamburg.

Position: State Representative for the 124th District, which includes portions of eastern Schuylkill County and the townships of Hamburg, Kutztown, and Lenhartsville, and the townships of Albany, Greenwich, Maxatawny, Tilden, Upper Bern, Upper Tulpehocken, and Windsor.

Current salary for position: $95,432.

Background: Saunders is a real estate agent that sells homes in Berks and Schuylkill counties. Before becoming a real estate agent, she was a professional tennis player, competing in the US Open and other tournaments around the world for more than 15 years.


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