BCB Homes’ Career Pathway program aims to attract young talent

It’s a dilemma that high school and college grads often face. The position you are looking for is open but experience is required. But how do you gain experience if they don’t do the job. That’s where a new program, recently launched by the highly regarded Naples-based luxury home builder BCB Homes, comes into play.

BCB Homes has led a valuable community outreach program that is inducting a new generation of skilled workers into an aging workforce. The company’s Career Pathway Program, also known as “career-in-a-year,” does just that.

“We’re looking for hard-working, energetic individuals who are interested in learning about the construction industry,” said Jon Bremseth, Director of Education and Training at BCB Homes. “We want to show them different aspects of the bespoke construction business to find out where their passion lies.”

The Company’s “Career-in-a-Year” program is a one-year career experience divided into six to fifteen week stints.

“The program teaches the participants the basics of the construction industry and helps them to gain experience in the key areas of construction,” says Bremseth.

As for the program itself, once participants are selected, BCB Homes pays them a competitive hourly rate and offers full-time employees a benefits package from day one of the program.

Participants are expected to:

  1. Work a full week or complete the program requirements based on the section and format of the program being completed.
  2. Attend scheduled meetings with construction professionals, including BCB leaders, to track progress and review attendee learning and reflections.

Upon completion of the Career Pathway program, BCB Homes may offer participants the opportunity to gain full-time employment based on their experience, preferences and professional suitability for the company.

“We believe this innovative program is a great foundation and career launch platform that will inspire and motivate participants to become the next generation of builders for BCB Homes,” concludes Bremseth.

The opening session on June 1st included four participants:

Eduardo Diego-Marroquin is a part-time window installation technician at BCB Homes and an architecture, design and construction student at Florida Southwestern State College.

Gabriel Mcnab is Site Logistics Foreman at BCB Homes and has been with the company for seven months.

Michael Perretta graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University in May with a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Kaidin Soars is enrolled in an accelerated construction management program at Everglades University in Miami.

The opportunity to learn about the different aspects of the construction industry was a key reason why all four young men applied to the program.

“The disclosure of daily tasks will help me gain knowledge and experience in each department,” said Diego-Marroquin, whose hometown is Immokalee. “I am very grateful to BCB Homes for giving me the opportunity to be part of this unique program.”

“There’s no other company that gives new hires the opportunity to move from any department to see where they fit best,” added Perretta, who is from Shamong, New Jersey. “With this in mind, I see all the departments of this company, which only makes me a better employee and gives me a better understanding of the company and the outstanding products they make.”

Soars, a Naples resident, said: “I am very excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to find out where in the construction industry my service and skills will be most helpful.”

“I applied to the program to expand my knowledge in the field of construction,” adds Mcnab, who is from Tampa. “The program is really a great way to boost my career.”

Participants all indicated that they enjoy the program for a variety of reasons.

“When this program is complete, my goal is to know where I belong within the construction process and have a level of competency to continue to help those around me while providing a distinguishable level of comfort to clients,” noted Soars. “I develop a level of attention to detail that is invaluable. My ultimate goal is to keep working hard so that I can eventually be a valued employee of this company.”

“I’m enjoying the exposure I’m getting as part of this career program,” said Diego-Marroquin. “The training and resources provided by BCB Homes make the program fantastic.”

“Having the privilege of working for a prestigious company like BCB Homes couldn’t have been a better launchpad for me to launch my career in the construction industry,” revealed Perretta. “They stay true to their core values ​​and make you feel like part of the family before you even start.”

“The fact that I’m actually learning and gaining experience in the industry I’ve always wanted to be a part of feels a little surreal,” Mcnab commented. “I’m really excited that my journey into the building world has now begun and I’m really grateful because I believe I started my career at the best and most respected home construction company in Southwest Florida – BCB Homes.”

For more information about joining the BCB Homes Career Program, call 239-643-1004 or visit BCBHomes.com, click About and scroll down to Career Program.

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