20four7VA starts partnership with ASAT and Remotear

20four7VA has partnered with ASAT and Remotear to expand its reach in the Latin American region and build on its current efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive virtual workspace for bilingual remote workers around the world.

“We want to reach as many qualified remote talents as possible and provide them with rewarding career opportunities wherever they may be, so this project with ASAT and Remotear makes a lot of sense,” says Catherine vanVonno, CEO and President of 20four7VA. “Our pool of virtual assistants currently consists mainly of remote talent from various Asian countries and South Africa and we think this is the perfect time to expand our reach to remote workers from Latin America. This also allows us to provide bilingual talent to clients seeking Spanish speaking remote workers. The entire team and I look forward to reaching talented individuals in the Latin America region through this partnership,” she adds.

As part of the agreement, 20four7VA will promote ASAT and Remotear on all relevant platforms – from its social network and corporate website to its official newsletters. They will also subsidize a bilingual remotear administrative assistant and award ten virtual assistant training spots to select participants.

In turn, ASAT and Remotear will include 20four7VA as their strategic partner in all their marketing materials. This mutually beneficial co-branding effort will drive traffic to Remotear’s platform and connect Latin American talent with remote employment opportunities from 20four7VA and other partners.

That Argentine Telework Association, or ASAT, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to working with other institutions “for a more just, inclusive, collaborative, and participatory world.” ASAT’s commitment is not limited to promoting telework for economic development, but also to better quality of life and social development for teleworkers in the region.

Away is a remote and hybrid career opportunity platform based in Argentina but with a reach that spans across Latin America. Similar to ASAT and 20four7VA, Remotear aims to make a social impact by connecting remote talent with rewarding employment opportunities around the world.

About Us: 20four7VA is a virtual recruitment and staffing company that has helped thousands of clients across six continents outsource critical business support tasks to skilled, reliable and enthusiastic remote professionals. Founded in 2010, it is now one of the most trusted remote staffing companies in the industry. To learn more about 20four7VA, please visit www.20four7va.com, call +1-443-856-4882 or email [email protected]

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