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Huskies Showcase award winner.

During the showcase, students presented more than 150 projects

Students showcased their talents on April 19 at the 2022 Huskies Showcase. Students presented their work in person or via Zoom links, followed by a graduation ceremony for the finalists, held in the Atwood Cascade Room and live streamed for parents, friends and other supporters to share .

Elizabeth Mitchell stands behind a table and speaks to two men
Elizabeth Mitchell presents her gallery exhibition On the Other Side.

Students presented more than 150 projects throughout the day. Project types featured included a thesis, creative work, internship, research project, service learning experience, or volunteer work.

The showcase attracted participants from across campus, with faculty mentors supporting students in their projects in community research, creative work, and scholarship in all disciplines at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Huskies Showcase gives the campus community an opportunity to connect with employers from industry and local communities to prepare St. Cloud State graduates for life, work and citizenship in the 21st century.

Powered by the dimensions of our Husky Compact, Huskies Showcase provides a place to showcase student engagement and achievements. the opportunity to engage with, support and celebrate student success; the opportunity to connect with industry, employers and local communities; and a place to showcase distinctive student experiences.


Best Overall Our Husky Compact Reflection Award
Dimension: Think creatively and critically
Kaylyn Kearns
“Analysis of Career Findings from SCSU Data from the National Alumni Career Mobility Survey”
Faculty Mentor – Tammison Smith of the Career Center

Best Dimension of the Year Our Husky Compact Reflection Award
Dimension: Communicate effectively
Alli Beste and Enock Ombengi
“Function and composition of T cells in NOD mice exposed to Coca-Cola”
Faculty Mentor — Marina Cetkovic-Cvrlje, Biology

Ooutstanding gallery exhibition
Elizabeth Mitchel
“On the other hand”
Faculty mentor – Jeff Hegle of University Athletics

Best Undergraduate Poster Presentation Award
Claude Haneum Lee
“Effect of telework on retirement age”
Faculty Mentor – Monica Garcia-Perez, Economics

Undergraduate Poster Presentation Second
Hunter Harnett and Asma Yusuf
“Does Coca-Cola consumption enhance the development of diabetes in NOD mice?”
Faculty Mentor — Marina Cetkovic-Cvrlje, Biology

Graduation poster presentation
Abdel Khan
“A tool to detect the likelihood of fraud on a vacation website”
Faculty Mentor – Abdullah Abu Hussein, Information Systems

Preferably Bachelor presentation
Timothy Lux, Loren Sohler, and Quinn Radeke
“Putin and the Tsar: Autocracy and Dissent”
Faculty Mentor – Maureen O’Brien, History

Best Graduate Oral Presentation
Ling Yang
“Evaluation of the pro- and anti-epileptic activities of three herbal extracts in the planarian, Dugesia dorotocephala”
Faculty Mentor — Oladele Gazel and Gengyun Le, Biology

Abdul Kahn presents his poster presentation A Tool for Detecting the Probability of Fraud on a Holiday Website.


Poster presentation

Joynab Mohammed: “Taxonomy of Smart Vehicle Safety”
Faculty Mentor – Abdullah Abu Hussein, Information Systems

Jessica VanderWerf, Claudia Burgos Zuniga and Maria Kroeber: “Age-Appropriate Universities”
Faculty Mentor — Phyllis Greenberg and Rona Karasik, Gerontology

Alison Helder and Molly Lovsness: “Acute stress effects on biochemical markers in fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas)”
Faculty Mentor — Heiko Schoenfuss, Biology

Ujala Chawla and Sierra Bermúdez: “Study of Immune Cells in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic C57BL/6 Mice Consuming Coca-Cola”
Faculty Mentor — Marina Cetkovic-Cvrlje, Biology

Nick Hahn, “The Creation of a Cinematic Icon”
Faculty Mentor – Steven Anderson, University College

Sean Bresnahan, “Online Eating Disorder Recovery Communities: Engagement and Perceived Recovery Help”
Faculty Mentor – Meagan Jones, Psychology

Andrew Nardi, Wengelawit Molla and Ridwan Yussuf, “The Effects of Coca-Cola on Diabetes Incidence and Blood Glucose Levels in the C57BL/6J Mouse Model”
Faculty Mentor — Marina Cetkovic-Cvrlje, Biology

Oral presentation

Jennifer Sonterre, Brianna Pace, Shelby Pointer and Brian Neumeister: “History of Genocide: Understanding Genocide through a Transdisciplinary Lens”
Faculty Mentor – Mareen O’Brien, History

Souleymane Kassoum: “Teachers’ Perceptions of Academic Optimism in a Private Middle School in Niamey, Niger”
Faculty Mentor – Amy Christensen, Educational Leadership & Higher Education

Saud Ali: “Is what you remember real? Quantitative Study of Synthetic Generative Adversarial Network Imagery Detection”
Faculty Mentor – Leslie Valdes, Psychology

Andrea Rodriguez-Arzola and Hunter Tholkes: “Social Connectivity and Relationship Satisfaction in the Digital Age”
Faculty Mentor – Sandrine Zerbib, Amanda Hemmesch, Ann Finan and Jim Cottrill, Sociology

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