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Request loan and pay with your cell phone is possible

What are virtual wallets and what they are for. How to request a loan or pay bills with cellphone.

The possibility of sending and receiving money, paying online or paying bills with the cell phone has been in force for some time.

At the beginning of this year, different standards were also approved to facilitate mobile electronic payments, or QR payments. These tools, in addition to being very useful, grant financing to users and allow businesses to carry out transactions with credit cards (even if they do not subscribe to this service). Also, the cell phone can be a financial tool for a large number of people who are not banked but do have a mobile phone.

Loan platforms

The best known of these platforms, for example, gives you the possibility -associating your credit card- to recharge the SUBE and cell phone, send and receive money by entering an email or a phone number, pay bills or make purchases by paying with code QR Another of the payment platforms, something newer, has similar services, but it also admits receiving money without having a bank account, choosing the option “extraction without card in ATMs”.

What is it and how is it paid with QR?

QR codes (Quick Response or Quick Response) are those squares with lines and black dots that are read from the cell phone screen and that replace the old bar code. It works like this: the user makes a purchase, opens the electronic wallet on his mobile (where he has associated his bank accounts and cards), chooses a means of payment and scans the QR code of the store. Ready! He is already paying.

The virtual wallet of Banco Nación is a good option for those who are not banked. You do not have to download any app, it does not consume data and it works exclusively through SMS. You can charge your balance at the branches of Rapipago, Pago Fácil, ATMs and many other places. With this virtual money can be purchased at thousands of merchants attached, pay the toll and even collect social benefits.

This is not a virtual wallet, but it lends you money when it comes to having fast cash.

If you download the app on your cell phone and request an online advance , in a few clicks I confirm if you are approved. There are no formalities, no paperwork and I deposit the money in the day in your bank account. With a little dish in hand, do whatever you want! With my app you can also pay all your service bills, without moving from where you are and choosing to finance the payment (to be returned the next month or in 3 installments). Do you need a good smartphone (smartphone) to do all this? Ask and buy the cell that pays almost everything for you!