Prevention Act strengthens health promotion from 2016

Tuesday, 04.11.14 , written by Cora Christine Döhn The Prevention Act, which Health Minister Hermann Gröhe (CDU) is currently launching, is intended to reward a healthy life. Cash patients should benefit more in future from prevention and bonus programs if they pay attention to their  

Das Präventionsgesetz hilft dabei gesund zu bleiben

The prevention law rewards a healthy lifestyle

The planned prevention law is intended to improve the health system in Germany . In the future, the statutory health insurance funds (SHI) will have to concentrate more on health care provision for this reason. So that many diseases do not break out, the statutory health insurance funds should be obliged to give their members financial incentives for a health-conscious life . They also provide prevention services for members. The expenses for the associated additional costs of the Prevention Act are borne by the GKV according to the law. The prevention work of the GKV is nothing new in itself. What is new, however, is that it changes from an optional performance to a target performance.

Gröhe’s prevention law rewards healthy living at work

The Prevention Act envisages rewarding members financially when they take precautionary measures, such as losing weight or quitting smoking. But not only the insured themselves benefit from the law. Employers who invest in health prevention should also benefit in the future. According to the bill, the preventative expenditure of the statutory health insurance will be increased from € 3.09 to € 7 per person from 2016 onwards – of which at least € 2 will go into occupational prevention.

Doctors should also get more power of decision to health insurance companies, so that they can recommend individual health care measures to patients and the statutory health insurance must take into account.

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Prevention Act supports nationwide awareness campaigns

Another part of Gröhe’s planned prevention law is the financial support of the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) for nationwide campaigns for prevention services. Here, however, it hails criticism from the ranks of the statutory funds, as they are to be obliged to invest 35 million euros in this project. According to AOK Federal Association Director Jürgen Graalmann, it would be better to address certain groups directly and, for example, to respond specifically to the needs of socially disadvantaged people , reports Rheinische Post.

Prevention Act creates access to health for all

The Verband der Ersatzkassen eV (vdek) welcomes the draft of the Prevention Act from the Ministry of Health, above all because it gives people access to preventive measures that would otherwise be difficult to reach. These include, above all, kindergartners, pupils and people in care facilities , to whom special reference should be made. The CEO of the vdek, Ulrike Elsner, criticizes the law, however, the sharing of financial responsibility. So far, only the statutory health insurance funds should finance the bonus and prevention programs. But also the social security, municipal top associations, federal and state authorities are responsible for financing the measures in the bill.

Major reform plans continue with the Prevention Act

Since the beginning of Gröhe’s term , a lot has happened at the Ministry of Health . For example, in addition to the draft for the Prevention Act, he also launched the health insurance reform 2015 on his way. In addition, the Federal Council will decide on the Pflegereform 2015 on Friday, which will improve care in Germany in the future. Overall, the health system in Germany is planned to be made more efficient and fair by the new laws and reforms.

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Cora Christine Döhn

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