Investment: to draw customers’ attention to negative business

Thursday, 25.02.16 , written by Anja Schlicht When investing the Germans continue to rely on classic products such as savings account or money market account. They are usually not aware that they lose money through the interplay of low interest rates and inflation. Consultants should therefore draw customers’ attention to the negative business and offer alternatives. 


With passbook investors make real losses

With passbook investors make real losses

Anyone who has deposited 10,000 euros on a savings account ten years ago will face a real purchasing power loss of around 800 euros at the end of 2015. For since 2006, inflation has only once been below the average interest rate that investors receive on their savings account for their money. Overall, savings book investors have made a minus of about eight percent due to the inflation and low interest on their capital. “Your bank deposits had after 10 years, taking into account inflation only a real value of 9,186 euros,” said DAB Bank. If consumers have put on a call money account , there was after all no negative business. But even the final score of real 10,120 euros hardly offers a reason to enjoy.

Passbook is a cash investment killer – a guaranteed success Dax shares

While the savings account as a financial investment has a real minus of eight percent, German stocks outdo with a plus of 70 percent – Although in the investigation period and the financial crisis of 2008 falls sharply with stock market values. Those who, according to DAB Bank, invested € 10,000 in the Dax in 2006, increased their capital to more than € 17,000 by the end of 2015.

Even if the perception is not new that low-risk investment products have been accompanied by a very low interest rate for years , consultants should use the results of the DAB Bank study to draw customers’ attention to the loss business with accurate figures. Only when they have realized this, consultants can successfully point out alternative ways of investing. Tip: There is often little interest among consumers in investing their money in high-risk assets. However, as a consultant, you benefit from our consultancy service: By purchasing investment leads, we bring you together with clients who are interested in consulting and want to say goodbye to the classic savings accounts and the like. As a result, you do not have to arouse your interest in finding new investment products, but you can immediately focus on your core competency, personal expert advice.