AXA car insurance in the test: results at a glance News always well informed

AXA car insurance in the test: results at a glance

Who is looking for a new car insurance, in addition to price and performance of the tariffs also like to look at the results in various investigations. The AXA car insurance can certainly convince in tests. However, customer experience indicates that AXA’s service should be even better.
AXA Kfz-Versicherung kann im Test nicht immer überzeugen
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In the test of the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ), AXA motor vehicle insurance secured a place in the Top 3 last year. Thirty-one auto insurers were tested for service and performance. In addition, the experts distinguished between providers whose tariffs can only be concluded online and those who use a branch network to provide personal advice on the spot – such as AXA car insurance. In the test, the company finished in a respectable third place behind HUK-Coburg and DEVK. The mobile comfort tariff was also able to achieve third place in the individual analysis ‘insurance coverage’.

AXA car insurance in the test at financial test

In the motor insurance test of the financial test from the previous year, the testers examined, among other things, the amount of contributions. AXA’s “Mobile Online” and “Mobil Online Plus” rates, both available online, scored higher than the average of all 150 rated offers . However, the tariff tested at the DISQ proved to be a worse-than-poor car insurance comparison. However, the experts in the test did not make an overall assessment of the AXA motor insurance – neither for this provider nor for the 70 other insurers examined. Too much depends on the contribution level, for example, on individual factors such as age and place of residence to create a ranking.

For this reason, the personal tariff comparison is important to find a cheap offer with the desired benefits. For example, Stiftung Warentest offers a corresponding analysis for a fee. Anyone interested in free, however, an overview of a variety of offerings with an online rate calculator.

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How do customers rate AXA?

If you want to know what experiences customers have made with AXA car insurance , you can take a look at another DISQ investigation. In 2013, an online survey of over 3,000 people surveyed their experience of service, value for money, contract performance and claims settlement by their car insurer. Although AXA achieved a good fourth place here. However, it was already evident in the individual evaluation that many customers were not satisfied with the service provided by AXA.

AXA car insurance: test shows customer dissatisfaction

In the current study from 2014 on the experience with motor insurance for insured persons, AXA falls to 15th place. However, this does not necessarily mean that experience with AXA car insurance is consistently poor. After all, the DISQ test is a survey of a relatively small group of insured persons. Already 100 AXA customers are enough to ensure that the provider is considered in the motor insurance test. With nearly 2.5 million motor vehicle liability insurance contracts signed (2013 AXA Annual Report), this is only a very small number. Interested persons should therefore not overvalue such results of the AXA motor insurance in the test.

Test results for 2014 are pending

It remains to be seen how AXA will beat this year’s car insurance tests. Focus Money had already searched for the fairest car insurers in 2014 together with Service Value GmbH. 25 providers were examined, but only the ratings of the very good and good companies were published. Unfortunately, the AXA is missing a corresponding assessment.

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