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Assignment of the fifth: the best loan for you!

If you are a member of a company and need a personal loan to cover a sudden expense, or to carry out your projects you can access the assignment of the fifth salary on terms particularly advantageous.

As an employee of a parcentral / municipal company, you can therefore fully enjoy the benefits of the assignment of the fifth , enjoying the same treatment as public employees (the parapublic companies have share capital held directly by state or public bodies for a share of more than 40%).

First of all, the assignment of the fifth to employees is a right governed by specific legislation, as it is for all employees. Therefore, the request for assignment of the fifth can not be rejected by the employer.

As required by law, the installments are deducted from the payroll to a maximum of one fifth of the salary , and paid directly by the employer to the financial intermediary.

As a parapublic employee, moreover, the maximum amount that you can get is directly linked to the annual amount of salary: the higher the salary you receive, the higher the amount of the transfer will be. The loan will be paid by crediting your current account.

These are the main characteristics of the assignment of the fifth for employees :

  • fixed rate and interest rate for the duration of the loan;
  • easy access, as no expense documentation is required: the main guarantee is the stability of income;
  • no additional guarantee, as the loan is a single signature;
  • double insurance coverage, to protect life risk and dismissal risk;
  • possibility of extension from 24 to 120 months;
  • conclusion of the loan within the retirement placement.

If you need additional liquidity, you can also consider a second way of accessing credit, that is, a proxy loan.

This type of loan, also called the sale of double-fifth , provides for the possibility of selling the installment in the measure of another fifth of the salary, up to the maximum limit of 40% of the net salary. The payment delegation can be integrated into the assignment of the fifth in order to obtain the maximum possible financing; however, to be granted, it requires the consent of the employer.

Sale of the fifth employees : the requirements

First of all, the parapublic employee must be employed in permanent service for at least three months, and in any case having passed the trial period.

The employee must also produce:

  • identity card;
  • fiscal Code;
  • last pay check and CUD model.

A further “plus” of the fifth assignment for employees concerns the possibility of granting this loan also to protested and bad paying employees. This is due to the guarantees provided by the transaction, which are followed by the fact that the transfer is in fact secure for the lender and therefore payable in almost every case.